Monday, November 24, 2008


Blogging is so very new to me. I knew it was out here and waiting for me to jump on the bandwagon. I finally did. Now I have no idea what I'm doing. I consider myself a little tech savvy. But here I am lost. Plus my wrist still kills to type. Good news, had an MRI done, finally, today. Hopefully that will tell all these nuts working my case that there really IS something wrong with it.

I wanted to start this blog to help keep in touch with my siblings, all of whom live in Utah. They not only do stuff with one another, but with some of our cousins. And I'm in icky Illinois. Okay folks, talk to me here...I'm excited Molly & Bryan are coming to visit for Christmas. I miss them. And Aaron will have a blast with Uncle Bry. Sorry Molly, Aaron is a Man's Man. Loves to hang with his dudes. While the boys play trains (it's inevitable with Aaron), us gals can hang out and do girly stuff, forget what girls do, I have a four-year old BOY!

Aaron is all boy. Learning how to destroy stuff, test the waters, push the limits. Still an angel. Still snuggles and gives me loves and kisses. He is also trying out the "I want" stage with all these toy advertisments for Christmas on TV. As if he doesn't already have more toys than he can play with, or that I can keep up with cleaning up.

So, now my wrist hurts with all this typing, which isn't much. Hey family out there...I have Verizon call sometime. I miss you all.